About Us

Wasatch Forensic Nurses is a nonprofit organization (501 (c)(3), created in 2001 to provide adolescent and adult victims of sexual violence with professional and compassionate medical care, as well as timely and thorough collection of forensic evidence immediately following sexual assault or rape.

Each of our nurses is a currently licensed registered nurse with additional specialty training in the field of forensic nursing. Each nurse has participated in a mentoring program in the field of care of sexual assault victims.

After a sexual assault there is an immediate need to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, address pregnancy risk and provide emotional support and resources to help victims begin the process of healing. By providing sensitive care in a timely manner, Wasatch Forensic Nurses helps lessen the long-term physical and emotional complications of this devastating crime.

Wasatch Forensic Nurses provides education for nurses who are interested in becoming Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. We also provide education and training for agencies and community groups involved or interested in services provided to victims of sexual violence.

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